Articles for SaaS and marketing companies to inform their audience, increase awareness, grow traffic and convert to sales

    According to a <a href=""><u>2020 study</u></a>, B2B Buyers are relying more on content than they did before to research and inform purchase decisions.


Maybe you already understand the power of content marketing and what quality written content can do for your brand.

You may also be a marketing manager for a brand with a great content strategy in place but lack the time to produce written content.

Hey, I can help you with your writing projects

I’m Lydia, and I help companies like yours create long-form, data-backed articles that earn your customers trust, and convert them from visitors to buyers.

Here’s what you get when you work with me:

• 1000+ words articles designed to generate leads and convert sales

• Visual imagery like screenshots, and real-life examples readers connect with

• Quotes from experts to increase your site’s authority on the web

• Search engine optimization based on your keywords, including title, meta-description, and images

• CMS upload, if requested

• Fast delivery time

• Up to two revisions

• In-depth research that leads to facts-backed articles

• Articles that are customized to your brand voice, target audience and objectives

 Would you like to read some of my articles?

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Ready to start a project?

Currently, my standard rates for a project starts at $200.

However, I prefer to work on a per project basis and will take into consideration the word count, amount of research needed for each project.

I look forward to working with you.

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