I miss creative writing

It’s been such a long time away from this space and my other creative outlets. Life has definitely taken me on a rocky ride with sometimes great views. I “dropped out” of an academic program and started a new one in line with the career I’ve built over the last 4 years. Maybe someday, I’ll… Continue reading I miss creative writing

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What Happens When the Results Are Not Immediate?

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One of the hardest pills to swallow is that some of the work we do today will not bear fruits anytime soon. To be fair, immediate results are motivating. To conquer this feeling and stay motivated for the long haul requires an understanding that it’s okay if the answers or results you are looking for… Continue reading What Happens When the Results Are Not Immediate?

How To Create An Online Portfolio. [5 Free Tools]

Last January, I lost what would have been a well paying remote gig because I didn’t have an online portfolio to show my work. An online portfolio in this digital age is equivalent to having a physical office except that it is even more convenient. Freelancing is quite different from a 9-5 where your boss… Continue reading How To Create An Online Portfolio. [5 Free Tools]

#StartUpFridayEnugu: Understanding the Tech Ecosystem


We are at the verge of a manual apocalypse and to prepare for it we need to build and train a digital literate workforce. A 2017 article by BBC reports that up to 800 million global workers will lose their jobs by 2030 to robot automation. The study which was carried out by the McKinsey Global Institute predicts… Continue reading #StartUpFridayEnugu: Understanding the Tech Ecosystem