Hi, I'm Lydia. I'm a content writer for SaaS and marketing companies.

I help SaaS and Marketing companies connect with their ideal clients, generate demand and increase conversions through data-driven, engaging, and relatable blog posts and articles.

Lydia's constant desire to always find out the “why” is a big credit to her writer’s mind. She digs deep to get all the facts right for whatever content she’s creating. I will not hesitate to recommend her.
Syreeta Akinyede
Head of Content (Africa), theAsianparent Group
Working with Lydia on my website was one of the best decisions I made. Not only is she efficient at her job, but she's also kind enough to offer advice and guidance on how I can navigate and make future changes on my website. I have gotten a lot of positive remarks from people who have visited my website. Lydia is your go-to person.
Esther Enewerome
CEO, Midas Literary Services


Are you a content/product marketer looking to outsource your content writing? Here’s what I can do for you:

Blog/Article Writing

Do you want to build a community around your product/service? Get content that you position your brand as an authority and connects you to your ideal client.

Web-page Copywriting

Let's sell your products and services! I write clear and engaging copy that helps SaaS and service-based businesses communicate the value of their products and services to ideal clients and increase sales.


I share tips and insights on content writing and resources for creative freelancers.

How I Plan to work less in 2020: Career goal

My Career Goal For 2020 Is To Work Less

The guiding word for my year is Rest, as a result, I plan to work less in 2020. This might sound like I want to cop out on my job or only do the bare minimum. But, In seeking to work less, I want to maximise the time I have for work and become more efficient.

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